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Celebrate at home

Things are a little different this year, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to celebrate South Africa’s favourite beverage safely, from the comfort of your own home. It’s the perfect chance to design your own beer fest, featuring the beer you love (or the beer you made. Or whatever beer you have left), the music you love and the people you (hopefully) love most – those that live in your house!

This is Backyard Beerfest.

Download your free #SANBeerDay Backyard Beerfest printables here and don’t forget to post pics of your backyard (or front yard, or balcony, or kitchen…) on 06 February.

What is Backyard Beerfest?

Beer is inherently fun and we want you to have a blast on #SANBeerDay. Backyard Beerfest is a tongue-in-cheek event. You host your own “beer festival” in your back garden. You choose the music, the beers, the food. Get creative – make your own signs, create the VIP lounge or the kids area. The idea is to feel like you’re at a beer fest even though you’re at home. Instead of waiting in queues for the toilet and jostling with crowds for your next beer, you hang out with the people in your household and chat to others online – use #SANBeerDay to get involved in the conversation. Let’s drink separately, together!

For more info and ideas, check out this round-up of the 2020 Backyard Beerfest.

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